As nature changes, it reminds us that so are we

Autumn / Stockwood Park, Luton Beds / gj photo Oct 20221

The clocks have gone back which means the mornings are lighter earlier but the evenings too descend earlier. The first morning or two I noticed how bright it is as I shuttle up the M1 and so too the descending darkness as I shuttle down it.

Suddenly with the time change, ice appears on the car requiring the scraper. Once done I enjoy the heat inside and the company of BBC Radio 3 as I drive. Nature is getting us ready for Winter but not quite as we remain in Autumn until the solstice on December 21st.

Could I live without seasons even as they present their challenges? Well, I guess I could but I think I would grieve for them. The outer changes of nature tell me so much about life and my life. It is always moving whether from birth to death and so too am I. It will happen in a lifetime but perhaps it also happens every four seasons there is birth, growth and death.

I am conscious I am in the middle as I speak to my father on the phone who is in his last season and I listen to my daughter chattering with her friends on the phone who has entered her second season.

The weather is those things that shape us, the people around us, the activities we pursue, the politics of the day and our reaction to them.

The past few nights I felt so tired I could hardly write a sentence. I asked myself today, “Is there always something to write home about?” Perhaps the feelings are there to tell us not home how we are. But tired? What does that tell me? I should like the animals and be hibernating? Maybe I should try that one year. Actually, maybe we do our own version of hibernating as I no longer walk in the evenings and find myself cloaked almost in darkness except for the low lights that give enough light for me to read or write. Maybe tired after a day is what the season desires?

So what about the irritability I felt this afternoon is that seasonal? Well, probably in that it will last for a time and then be gone.




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Gordie Jackson

Gordie Jackson


Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.