An App a day puts my head astray

Tuesday 29th June 2021

Gordie Jackson
2 min readJun 29, 2021


Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

I was so preoccupied with the tooth that I forgot to say that the Handyman came yesterday and sorted the handle on the bedroom door. Yes I know small things get to me but also when sorted equally lift me.

It seems of late I am facing a daily App challenge. Today how to get an Interpreter? It didn't happen at least in the morning just too complicated to sort you know create an account and then follow the steps. Somehow and don't ask me how by the afternoon I had myself speaking Romanian.

There is often a moment at least with me when some confusion occurs with translation. So I ask, “Do you live near the Black sea?” Somehow I end up asking the interpreter does he live near the Black Sea I can’t recall his answer but he revealed that he was in Romania doing the translation. I was impressed.

The surveyor came did what she had to do and went. I always ask why do I worry so about people coming? I detect a nervousness meeting new people that I have hidden so well I didn't see it myself!

The Dentist was so sensitive that I commented to him how much I appreciated it. My usual dentist great as he is never says much about the pain of such visits. A temporary filling was installed and I was booked in for a permanent one. I can worry less.

I noticed the supermarket was quiet so I said to an assistant, “The football must be on?” “We won,” she said. She was so spirited that she lifted mine.




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