A day with XR Faith pilgrims

Camino to Cop26 — 500 miles — London to Glasgow

Gordie Jackson
2 min readSep 7, 2021
Group photo at Parliament Square / gjphoto5921

I found myself at St James, Piccadilly to encourage a friend who is walking the 500 miles from London to Glasgow as part of the Camino to Cop.

On occasions, videos and photos can perhaps tell the story best. A lot was happening which meant a lot to be filmed.

Some of the pilgrims being encouraged
A congregant of St James singing a farewell song to the pilgrims
Pilgrims with supporters set off for Parliament Sq
Samba band brings with it its own energy
The pilgrims arrive at Parliament Sq.
XR solemn intention read aloud
Pilgrims gather / gjphoto
Fasting for change

David Francis a Unitarian is reported as saying, “We don’t have to think alike to love alike.”

I would add, “We don't have to have the same passion to feel the passion of others.”

I recognise in my friend and in ‘XR people’ a passion to make a change. I don’t claim to be a Climate activist but I recognise the passion in them as the same passion in me.




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