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gjphoto Krishtamurti centre June 2021

Sunday 13th June 2021

“The greater fear is the loss of the past not of the future.” This is what I remember from the friend who spoke at ‘Meeting’. They had been reading a book on death and the writer proposed that the fear of death is more about the fear of the loss of the past. Did someone continue it by suggesting that we fear being forgotten or perhaps that we forget?

Memory serves a purpose but it shouldn't become a place in which we live. Curiously as I was driving to Meeting, I wondered how I would feel…

Experiencing the new remembering the past

photo credit dSphotos

I received the photo above a week or so ago. It reminded me of the one below. You will probably recognise the one above is of my daughter and the one below of myself.

Two-day retreat at the Hampshire, England, UK centre

The centre from a distance gjphoto

I knew I wouldn’t know the full effects of spending two days at the Krishnamurti Centre until I left. Since the first Covid lockdown in March 2020 I am content to stay at home and local. At the centre, although 70 odd miles away from home I was also content to stay local. I wasn’t here for walking I was here to give time to the writings of Krishnamurti.

As I left the quiet Hampshire rural roads, I knew the quietness I experienced, at the centre, on hearing the roar of traffic on the M3 and M25. Could I hold…

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About 15 years ago on my spiritual journey, I came upon a group called the Liberal Catholic Church (LCC). The internet was in full flow and many organisations were engaging with it for the first time. Prior to this, it would have been more difficult to access such groups.

The LCC led me on to Theosophy and it led me to Krishnamurti

In that time I visited LCC churches in Putney, Letchworth and Camberley. I visited the Theosophical Society London Headquarters and a Theosophical Lodge in Letchworth.

About eleven years ago I attempted to book a stay at Brockwood Park

Post from an old blog 24th May 2011

It was quite a coincidence that in the week that the Queen made her first visit by a British monarch to the Republic of Ireland Garret Fitzgerald the former prime minister of Eire died. It reminded me of Simeon the old prophet in the gospel of Matthew who said he could now die as he had seen the promised Messiah.

Garret Fitzgerald was the one with Margaret Thatcher who signed the Anglo Irish agreement on 15th November 1985. I was fifteen at the time and living in Co Armagh. The signing of the Anglo Irish agreement signalled the most turbulent…

Post from an old blog 30th April 2011

Regent Street, London 2011 gj/archive

Would I stay at home or would I travel to London to see the Royal Wedding? Central London is not that far away so it would not cause me great trouble. In the end, after a number of influences, I found myself in London.

I could see that there may be a difficulty in seeing the procession as I drove past those camping out on the eve of the wedding.

I got to Big Ben at 10 00 am and with many others was turned away by the Police on safety grounds. We were directed to Trafalgar Square, which on…

Post from an old blog 19th October 2011

Rochester Castle, Rochester, England

Yesterday I was reading a magazine and an article in it mentioned the film, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. I am currently thinking about ‘meaning’ and the meaning of life so my brow raised when I read the summary, ‘…a man is just about to commit suicide because he has ceased to see meaning in his life when an angel comes and shows him all the differences he has made to the lives of others, and what the world would be like without him in it.’

I had to return a DVD to Blockbusters on the way home so while in…

St Albans Quakers #SustFest21

The Meetinghouse garden small as it is served its purpose

For the past few years, St Albans Friends (Quakers) have taken part in the Sustainable St Albans Festival by having a second-hand sale of books and goods alongside Preserves and Plants.

This year with Covid restrictions we were advised to have our event outside. While the purpose of the event was to be sustainable by recycling goods it had the added effect of encouraging Friends back to the Meetinghouse after an absence for some of over a year.

It felt like a wedding as we greeted Friends that we haven’t seen in the flesh for a time.

Photo by Michal Matlon on Unsplash

It is 08 58 am (Saturday) I am waiting for that pre-booked call. The mortgage deal is expiring and it is time to talk about a new deal.

Like many of these appointments, they take more room in my head than needed. Every so often in the past week, a reminder had appeared at the front of my mind. It is fascinating how the brain does that.

I have become more aware of my brain in this last year triggered largely due to my reaction to the initial lockdown in March 2020. It took seven weeks before I began to…

Dear friend,

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

I always wondered how tradespeople estimate their time and price and how often they end up out of time but with the same price. How I wish I gave my own estimates rather than another. The other has a vested interest in getting as much out of me as I try to get out of washing up liquid.

This has meant I don’t have the time to do what I normally do. I signed up for a short course the other week I didn’t get to complete the first session.

Last Sunday after the Quakers I came home to get…

Gordie Jackson

A spiritual being having a human experience, speaks with a Northern Irish accent, current occupant of Quakerland, lives in Hertfordshire, England

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