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I found myself driving along this morning with images of Olympians and then came people who would never stand on a podium or receive press attention. I heard it whispered, “These are the real heroes.”

The mum with English as her second language who raises her kids and works at night to pay the mortgage on their home

The father who becomes so lost in his own pain that to survive the day is a victory.

The person who struggles in broken English to get his licence back after a year of pursuing it.

There was something missing I am not sure what?

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It was a day when a number of things had to come together. I had to be in one place and then travel to another in time for a number of meetings.

I carry a daily amount of anxiety but I am so familiar with it that hardly notice. On days when something outside the routine is required, I then notice it. A question circles, “Will I make it in time?”

One of the meetings was a video call with the bank. Hours prior to it, I was trying to figure why I was so bothered by having it. I…

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International Interfaith Zoom gathering

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Sometimes it is good not to be too prepared. We had a notion that we may talk about pilgrimage but with an initial zoom time of 40 minutes maybe we needed to talk about brief pilgrimages and something about our summer.

Nadia had just travelled halfway across Canada having visited her first grandchild and somehow agreed to host us and volunteer to do two reading at her church. She left us just before 10 00 am Eastern Time. Well, I say she left us but she let her use her account as we reentered after Zoom’s initial free 40 minutes…

Tour guide with NBC 1989 gjphoto


Peel it,

Fear it,

Own goal,

Left foot,

George Best,

Northern Ireland,














lemonade bottles,





washing machine,





cassette player,





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Being part of a Quaker community

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Reflecting is part of who I have become. I experience, I contemplate, I reflect. On Sunday afternoon I was reflecting on the morning meeting at the Quaker meetinghouse. We meet and we observe silence. Silence as an exercise in self-discipline rather than an absence of noise. It can be broken by speech if someone believes they can improve on the silence. The belief should come from beyond the ego and after the individual has asked themselves questions.

On Sunday I got caught up with ensuring we in the meetinghouse were connected with those on Zoom so I was distracted more…


Screenshot from Twitter

He was getting ready to watch the football

She was in a labour ward

It was 29th July 1970

He was heading to Shamrock Park, Portadown County Armagh

She was in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast County Down

It was just before 4 o’clock in the afternoon

It was a Wednesday

She gave birth

The match was yet to play

She got to give birth

He got to name the baby


Now we do have mess/ gjphoto1392021

I read a review of Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone by Emma Mardlin

I took a note of this line,

“To reach this level of profound change does require total fearlessness. This isn't about never feeling terrified or daunted, it’s about never fearing those emotions.”

Well I know terrified and I know daunted and I try to evade them or escape or anything but feel them but here Emma comes along and writes the secret is not fearing those emotions. That creates a shift that I translate as “Let them feel just don’t fear them”

Today I was reading…

The Bible

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I went into the Bookshop and headed as I do to the Religious section. I noticed a Brian McLaren book ‘Faith after Doubt’. I read the preface after which I was thinking “This book probably signals the significant change in Evangelical Christianity that I have observed over the past years.”

That change is allowing Evangelical Christians to express their passion for Jesus without barriers of beliefs particularly about sex and other faiths.

I then took some time out in the Library searching for further thoughts on Jonah. …

Gordie Jackson

Speaks with a Northern Irish accent, lives in Hertfordshire, England.

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